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Date: September 25, 2023
Uprising Numbers in Type 2 Diabetes Recent research suggests that the US has seen a substantial increase in type 2 diabetes cases among its youth post the COVID-19 outbreak. Strikingly,...
Date: June 29, 2023
In a recent development, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) cancer research agency, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), has stated that the artificial sweetener aspartame is classified as...
Date: December 2, 2022
Adults with an elevated level of pancreatic fat have higher risk for developing incident diabetes, but weight loss may be able to lower diabetes risk by reducing fat levels and increasing pancreatic...
Date: February 24, 2022
Many COVID-19 patients newly diagnosed with diabetes during hospital admission may in fact have a temporary form of the disease related to the acute stress of the viral infection and...
Date: March 16, 2023
Diabetes is a chronic condition where the body does not produce or effectively use insulin. A lack of insulin leads to raised blood glucose (sugar) levels, which can cause heart...
Date: September 21, 2022
In a large clinical trial that directly compared four drugs commonly used to treat type 2 diabetes, researchers found that insulin glargine and liraglutide performed the best of four medications...
Date: June 8, 2023
A low-carbohydrate breakfast was better than a control (low-fat) breakfast to decrease glycemic variability throughout the day in type 2 diabetes, in new research. These findings from a 3-month randomized...
Date: June 10, 2023
India houses nearly double the number of diabetics than previously estimated, according to the new findings of a 12-year study on the prevalence of metabolic non-communicable diseases (NCDs), including diabetes,...
Date: June 10, 2023
Hepatic insulin action dominates fasting, while several tissue-specific mechanisms mediate postprandial insulin action. A study of over 55,000 people’s DNA from around the world has given insight into how humans maintain appropriate blood...
Date: May 13, 2022
Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Mounjaro (tirzepatide) injection to improve blood sugar control in adults with type 2 diabetes, as an addition to diet and exercise. Mounjaro...
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