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Community Q&A: Diabetic Patients’ Questions and Answers

My HbA1c was 7.8 one year ago when I was diagnosed with diabetes. Now with lifestyle changes it is normal and below 5.6. My glucometer readings are also always normal. But sometimes once or twice in a month (1 out of total 50 readings) my PP reading is 140-170 which is slightly higher. What does this mean? Why does it happen?

It’s great to hear that you’ve been able to make significant improvements in managing your diabetes through lifestyle changes! Your HbA1c dropping below 5.6 and consistently normal glucometer readings are positive signs of improved glucose control. However, the occasional elevated postprandial (PP) reading of 140-170 mg/dL, despite your overall improvements could be because of several factors such as variability in diet, stress, illness, medication adjustment, dawn phenomenon, individual variation, etc. It is good to follow this precisely and have a personalized plan such as the one care4sugar offers.

Also, note that you were diagnosed with diabetes one year ago. So there is an underlying defect even if the readings and HbA1C are normal. You must work for this to get long-term benefits and diabetes remission. You can speak to our personalized treatment experts by joining the program that suits most for you.

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