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Remission of Type 2 Diabetes Restores Pancreas Function

Remission of Type 2 Diabetes Restores Pancreas Function

Key Information

Source: Newcastle University
Summary / Abstract:

New research has revealed that insulin-producing beta cells begin working again in people who are in remission of Type 2 diabetes.

This means that if remission is achieved, the insulin-producing capacity of the pancreas can be restored to levels similar to those in people who have never been diagnosed with the condition.

Lead researcher Professor Roy Taylor and his team from Newcastle University have also shown remission leads to an increase in pancreas size.

The research provides important insights into what happens inside the pancreas and the body after significant weight loss.

The second year findings of DiRECT, the landmark trial funded by Diabetes UK, presented earlier this week, demonstrated that remission of Type 2 diabetes through a very low calorie diet is possible for at least two years.

Now, this further in-depth study involving a subset of DiRECT participants has explored the link between remission and the function of beta cells in the pancreas.

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