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The Surprising Truth About Prediabetes

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Revealing the surprising truth about prediabetes, raising awareness for early intervention
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It’s real. It’s common. And most importantly, it’s reversible. You can prevent or delay prediabetes from turning into type 2 diabetes with simple, proven lifestyle changes.

Amazing but true: about 96 million American adults—1 in 3—have prediabetes. What’s more, more than 8 in 10 of people with prediabetes don’t know they have it. Could this be you? Read on to find out the facts and what you can do to stay healthy.

Don’t let the “pre” fool you. Prediabetes is a serious health condition. People with prediabetes have higher blood sugar than normal, but not high enough yet for a diabetes diagnosis. Prediabetes puts you at increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is prediabetes, and how is it different from type 2 diabetes?

Prediabetes is a condition where blood sugar levels are higher than normal but not high enough for a type 2 diabetes diagnosis. It’s a warning sign that lifestyle changes are needed to prevent diabetes.

Can prediabetes be reversed, and if so, how?

Yes, prediabetes can often be reversed through lifestyle changes such as weight loss, healthy eating, and regular physical activity. Early intervention is crucial.

What are the common risk factors for developing prediabetes?

Common risk factors include being overweight, having a family history of diabetes, leading a sedentary lifestyle, and poor dietary habits.

How often should individuals with prediabetes monitor their blood sugar levels?

Individuals with prediabetes should discuss monitoring frequency with their healthcare provider. Regular check-ups are essential to track progress and make necessary adjustments.

Are there any specific diets or eating plans recommended for managing prediabetes?

A balanced diet with a focus on portion control reduced sugar intake, and high-fiber foods is typically recommended for managing prediabetes. Consulting a dietitian can provide personalized guidance.
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